All students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply for Blue & Gold Scholarships.  To apply, a student must meet the criteria, fill out an application form and complete an essay.

  • Applicant must be a senior at Canby High School taking a minimum of 3 credits per semester.  Full-time PSEO students will not be considered for Blue & Gold Scholarships.

  • Applicants must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

  • A review of participation in school and community organizations, leadership activities and relevant employment history are considered.    Applicants must plan to enroll in advanced education at a college, university, technical school or other accredited program.

  • Students who plan to major in specific career fields will be considered for those scholarships which correspond to their major.

  • Financial need is not a consideration for Blue & Gold Scholarships. 

Incomplete applications or applications received after deadlines will not be reviewed.  All applications will be reviewed by the Blue & Gold Scholarship committee and awards will be given based on the recommendations of this committee.

Scholarship deadline is in March.


Valedictorian $1500
Salutatorian $1500
Community Initiative $1000
Community Initiative $1000
Esther Harms Memorial Scholarship $1000
Esther Harms Memorial Scholarship $1000
G.O. Miller-Caroline Miller Ag Scholarship $1000
Richard Larson & Leone M Keene $1000
A New Leaf "Think Big" Scholarship $1000
Outland Renewable Energy Scholarship $1000
Dakota Wind Ben Thovson $1,000 Memorial Scholarship
Agriculture $750
Adeline-Lawrence Driessen Ag Scholarship $500
Farmers Coop. Association Scholarship $500
Tom Jelen Memorial Scholarship $250
Canby Fireman's Scholarship $250
Canby Fireman's Scholarship $250
VFW Scholarship $250
VFW Scholarship $250
Janice Roske Jeronen Memorial Scholarship $200
Canby Quilters $100

*This list of scholarships and amounts is subject to change.