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Events/Schedule Usage Directions

Parent Usage of Activities Calendar

1. Go to the Canby Public School Web Site

2. Go to Events Schedules at top of page

3. Go to Advance View near bottom Right of page

4. Down at bottom fill in circle that says This Year

5. Click on Generate Report

6. You will have 3 lists to choose from. Day/Date will list events by Date

7. In the upper right corner if you go to Date/Condensed it will sort events by Type. Click on list each schedule separately and this will give you individual sport schedules.

8. If you want a Calendar click Month. Click expand boxes to show all events and all events will be in calendar form for the year.

9. Next click on Show Report


For update on changes and cancellations please sign up for notifications on http://www.canbymn.org

1. Go to Events Schedules, to the right of the calendar in a icon that says notify me, fill in the boxes you wish to be notified about. Fill in all 4 Pages