Otteson, Spencer
Hello and Welcome,
   My name is Spencer Otteson and I am a High School Biology teacher here at Canby Public Schools. I am a 4th year teacher and I am excited to continue educating here in Canby. I have learned a lot from my first few years of teaching and I look forward to continue learning this year and the years to follow. I love my content and I love teaching it to my students. Biology, Environmental Science, Advanced Biology, Life Science & the Stars and Forensics are all the courses I am lucky enough to teach. I feel very blessed that my classes align with my interests and hobbies perfectly, giving me a true enthusiasm toward my content.
   Some of the things I like to do with my spare time are hiking/biking with my family. We just take an annual road trip every summer and try to visit as many different states and parks as we can. I am also a big fan of sports, I enjoy playing them just as much as watching my favorite teams. I finally found the time to get into coaching last year & I will be continuing to coach JH Basketball. I also enjoy all things related to space, it really is amazing to sit at the fire at night and look up at all the stars and wonder what exactly is going on out there? I love how star gazing can make you feel so small and insignificant, but if you understand that our atoms come from star dust it makes you feel connected at the same time.
   I am married to my wonderful wife Amanda, we have a 6 year old named Blake and a new daughter, Korra who is just 2. We just had our 3rd child August 12th, his name is Eli Orion (Yes, like the constellation). I had a great time last year with all my students, this year should be even better. Any questions you have for me would get the quickest response from my e-mail, Thank you for all of the support, I will continue to do my best to pass on the knowledge I have and discover some new ideas throughout the year.
 Family Pic