Canby Public School District 0891


  •               2013-2014 MCA Testing Schedule



    January 14

    OLPA testing for Grade 8

    January 22

    OLPA testing for Grade 7

    January 28-31

    OLPA testing for Grades 3-6

    March 20

    8th Grade Math

    March 21

    8th Grade Reading

    March 19

     H.S. Science

    April 14 – April 17

    Grade 3-6 MCA Reading

    April 22 - April 25

    Grade 3-6 MCA Math

    April 28-May 2

    Elementary MCA Makeup

    April 23

    11th Grade Math

    April 24

    10th Grade Reading

    April 30

    5th Grade Science

    7th Grade Math

    May 1

    7th Grade Reading

    May 8

    8th Grade Science

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